Dec 22, 2008

Make-up - Mascara

I'm sure most of you will go like, "make-up? what has it got to do with selling accessories?" Well.. we are sisters who lurve making ourselves up, and of course we appreciate good tips. So I would like to share make-up tips that I find useful with you gals here too.

I read somewhere on how you can make miracle happen after many times of opening and using and closing, some people pump (you know when you do the pumping action with your mascara wand to get more out of it?) your mascara and eventually they dry up?

It will definitely not feel as nice to apply as your first use it, so what you do is to add a few drops of your facial toner into your mascara, you might not immediately see the effect, but you definitely will the next day. Your mascara will become more moist and it'll be easier to apply. I've tried it and it really works, in fact, I've used this tip several times to the same mascara, so I feel I really fully used that particular mascara!

I hope you will find this tip useful, do share with me any good make-up tips too!

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you! =*