Apr 21, 2009

Youthopia @ Tropicana City Mall

Hi you guys! Cherli here. The youngest among the four sisters of SheriShopie? Teehee.

I'mma update about all the fun things that happened at Youthopia, which if you followed our blog you'll know that it was an offline bazaar thingie that SheriShopie went to last week!

Weee~~ Our humble signboard.

The proud co-owner (owner lah actually. hehe.) of SheriShopie. .

Went to Tropicana City Mall at around 11am and started getting our tiny stall all organized!

Me and Chyi preparing for the start of my first offline sale! (Sheri's second though...)

Excited excited!

Chyi was doing nail art for ONLY RM18!! That includes french manicure!! What a bargain. .

First customer? The youngest sis of course. . Me!

In the process of beautifying my nails! I went for hot pink with different patterns on each finger. :) Chyi's good at it!

Another customer who went back satisfied. :D

Being a sales girl ain't as easy as it seems. .

Being the boss is much easier. Teehee.

Besides that, lots of friends and family came to support us. .

Our cousins came. .

Sheri's colleagues came. .

Chyi's housemates and friends came to help out. *thanks!*

Even Geoffrey from ToysRus came! LOL.

Love these handmade clips soo freakin much!

Anyway, we had a really fun time despite being there for the 2 whole days. We were so hungry and tired when it all ended.

Although the sales wasn't really good due to the teenie-weenie crowd, we enjoyed ourselves! That's what important right. .

Everyone here at SheriShopie would like to say thank you to all of you who supported us in any ways.

THANKS And hope to hear from you guys soon. .

Mean while, Sheri promised that she will update the new things we have here. We'll keep you posted!

Keep supporting us, "SheriShopie, discovering the shopper in you. ."


necklace 6

Due to very good response on these Square Blocks, *click* for original post we've restocked them the second time and sold them at Youthopia too! Few colours left are Red, Blue, Green.

Grab them while you can~

square blocks
material: coloured wood
length: 75cm

*click* for original post.

Apr 13, 2009

Youthopia Sneak Peak

Here's some sneak peak of what you can expect when you visit SheriShopie in Tropicana City Mall this 18th & 19th!

We're so looking forward to this event and have planned what to wear and all.. heheh! Can't help it, we're gals!

And lots more.. rather worried there's not enough space on the 3ft x 3ft table la...

Are you excited yet? There'll be many goodies from other e-shops you can look forward to as well!

We really hope SheriShopie's customers who have bought/emailed/enquired with us before come say hi to us.. the last time when we were at Absolute Bazaar, many were shy to say hi =( Come on, we're friendly!

Oh and guess what, we've finally got a facebook group created.. join our group k?

Apr 1, 2009


You've guessed it dears, we'll be at Youthopia this 18th and 19th at Tropicana City Mall!

It's been so so long since we updated, so you can be assured that you'll find lotsa goodies when you visit SheriShopie this event.

Here's the location map: